Erica Basso, LMFT

Erica Basso, LMFT

What is Online Therapy & Is it Right for Me?

As part of the solution to continue counseling services for my clients during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I started incorporating more online therapy sessions. I quickly discovered how essential these regular check-ins were for my clients struggling with the added stress of COVID-19. I also realized that these virtual counseling sessions were just as effective for my clients. If you’re hesitant to schedule therapy online, I invite you to take some time to read about this approach below. Then, contact me, Erica Basso, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Is Teletherapy Something Different? In the more than two decades since online therapy options were first introduced, this service has gone be a lot of different names. You may hear practitioners calling it telehealth counseling, virtual therapy, online counseling, teletherapy, tele-mental health therapy, etc. There are many different names for it, and I’ll use a lot of them throughout this page. By any name, we’re talking about the same therapy service. Online counseling with me involves conducting therapy sessions without being in the same room together. In my case, that means we’re going to meet using a video chat platform. This is the closest to traditional, in-person sessions that we can get, and it gives us both the opportunity to not only communicate with words but see each other’s facial expressions and body language as well.

When Should I Schedule A Counseling Session with Erica to Discuss Anxiety?

Arriving at this page signals you’re on the right path to change your life. Most people struggle with anxiety for years before getting help. By the time you’ve found yourself here, you may feel overwhelmed with self-criticism, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, or fear. All of which can leave you feeling like giving up. Anxiety can feel overpowering. It can leave your self-esteem in the dust and keep you from reaching life goals or from forging deeper connections with friends and family. When we work through your inner thought patterns and learn how to use techniques, such as cognitive coping affirmations, to overcome limiting beliefs and mindsets, you can turn negative self-talk into self-love and kindness.

Why Should I do Online Counseling?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, people had a lot of reasons for considering online counseling rather than in-person sessions. Some of the common reasons people choose to visit me for teletherapy include:


It can be a real struggle to get to and from an office – especially in Los Angeles area traffic. Online therapy means you’re able to visit with me from your own home or office. No uncomfortable explanations for your boss, and no time lost during the commute.


If you struggle to adjust to new places or just don’t feel comfortable in an office setting, online therapy gives you the option to engage with me from your home where you feel safe and comfortable.


If you live right in Pasadena or Sherman Oaks, you probably have access to some great therapy resources. If you live a little further out, you’re going to have to drive to the nearest larger city to get a good variety of clinicians. Online therapy gives access to diverse therapy options to people in my neighborhood and across the entire state of California.


When something comes up at the last minute in your schedule and you can’t make it to the office, you don’t have to cancel. Instead, find a quiet spot and we can meet online from anywhere. This ensures you always have consistent access to care no matter what’s going on in your life.

Online therapy FAQ

  • What Happens During Online Therapy? 

    Just like when you visit my office, I use a holistic-integrative therapy approach. This means we may be talking to each other via video chat, or I may be instructing you to try some meditation techniques or yoga poses to help increase mindfulness and peace of mind. During an online therapy session, we may even decide to do some special sessions where you talk me through your daily routine, show me around your home, or talk to me about your eating habits. The flexibility of virtual therapy means we can explore some of these holistic health needs at a deeper and more tactile level. We’re right there in your home or business where you do a lot of your living, so we can take advantage of this unique position to achieve your therapy goals.

  • Is a Video Chat Session as Effective as an In-Person Session? 

    It can be. It’s important that we both do our utmost to create an environment that is beneficial for therapy. That means picking a private, quiet place to talk, preferably with a locked door. It also means doing our best to keep kids, pets, and other loved ones out of the room while we talk. Is this always possible? No. Things come up, and interruptions happen. Actually, it can be fun, and unexpected events may help me better understand your life. With some compassion and flexibility, video chat therapy sessions can be as effective as in-person visits. That being said, some people just don’t do well with online therapy. If you’re really struggling or don’t feel like it’s working for you, please let me know, so I can make adjustments or try to find you a better counseling option.

  • Is Online Therapy Private? 

    In keeping with state and federal regulations, I utilize HIPAA compliant teletherapy platforms. This means your private information and our therapy sessions are protected by higher-than-average network security protocols. Additionally, I take extra precautions to protect your information when conducting sessions. I use devices that are password-protected, update my passwords regularly, log out of the online therapy platform when not in session, I don’t share my devices, and I always conduct our sessions in a private location. If you take the same steps, virtual visits are just as private and secure as an in-person session.

About Working with Erica Basso, LMFT

If you’re struggling with anxiety, I’m glad you’ve found me. I'm Erica Basso, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I specialize in treating anxiety, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism in professional women in California. I believe we all have the natural capacity to grow and flourish in a positive direction if we are given the support we need.
With a combination of mindfulness and self-compassion based techniques, I will support you in regaining the confidence to step into the best version of yourself. You will no longer feel controlled by limiting beliefs and fear and will be able to form deeper, satisfying connections with loved ones. Together we can find the tools, clarity, and self-acceptance you need to more skillfully feel confident in your strength and ability to overcome stressful situations and life events.

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