The search for the right therapist can be exhausting. If you're here there's a good chance you have been struggling to fully show up in life for some time. I want to convey the courage it takes to ask for support. As someone who's sat on both sides of the couch, I know how transformative therapy can be. As a Telehealth provider serving the state of California, my goal and passion is to help guide you in connecting to your inner strengths and resources and empower you to build a balanced life that is sustainable long-term.

Welcome. I'm so glad you're here.

Expertise : Anxiety, Relationship Challenges, + Perfectionism

"Erica is a wonderfully compassionate therapist. She's also incredibly knowledgeable and always has helpful suggestions for both practical applications and books. I would highly recommend her. Even in the midst of a pandemic, my anxiety is noticeably less severe than before."

"Erica's guidance and perspective have helped me learn to trust my own wisdom and find the courage to pursue the path that resonates with me. Genuine and empathetic, she creates space to heal, explore ideas, challenge self-doubt, and connect more deeply to the core of our human experience.  A true healer and master in her craft, 10/10."


"Erica is very personable and makes me feel comfortable to talk openly to. I really like how she helps me work towards goals and set helpful boundaries. I feel like I have really benefited from therapy by understanding things in new perspectives with the tools Erica provides for me. Thanks!"