Takeaway: Trying to find the right therapist can be tough, especially if you’re new to therapy and aren’t sure what to look for. That’s why I created this list. Here, I’ve rounded up some of the best therapist San Diego so you can connect with the clinician who’s the right fit for you.

Our team of San Diego therapists provides effective therapy for mental health issues. Finding the right fit therapist in San Diego can become deterring, which is especially true if this is your first time seeking therapy. Your San Diego therapist should have experience and training in the issues you're seeking treatment for. As a private practice owner and licensed clinician, I understand how to make appropriate referrals for individuals seeking help for their mental health. I specialize in seeing high-achieving women struggling with perfectionism, burn out, and self esteem issues. We utilize evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy for managing life stressors and increased emotional wellness. To learn more about if I may be the right fit for you, click here. Additionally, I have compiled the list below as an informative resource.

3 of the Best San Diego Therapists

3 best therapists in san diego

Shakeh Galstian, AMFT

  • Young adults, college students

  • Providing therapy since 2020

  • Shakeh is an associate therapist under supervision by Erica Basso, LMFT (114828). Shakeh is a genuine and insightful clinician when guiding her clients to living more authentically and achieving a deeper understanding of themselves. She helps clients overcome anxiety and stress, navigate life's challenges, and improve relationships and real life coping skills (such as communication skills).

  • Blue Shield of California, Health Net, United Healthcare

Gayane Aramyn, LMFT

  • Post-partum, couples

  • Gayane works in San Diego CA and statewide to residents of California. Gayane provides support to families and new moms experiencing post-partum depression and grief. She also provides group therapy to patients looking for support for family conflict during these life transitions.

Meagan Nicholson, LMFT (139376)

  • Mixed Race & Multi-Cultural Individuals

  • Providing therapy since 2018

  • Meagan is mixed-race and knows first-hand the unique challenges other mixed-raced folx face. Megan provides compassionate counseling to help clients embrace all parts of their identity and navigate challenges and feelings of being a person of color. Separate from being a licensed marriage and family therapist, she is also a life coach for women for action-oriented goals and overall well being.

We provide counseling services in Del Mar, San Diego County, and to California residents statewide. Under certain circumstances we may not be the best fit for your specific goals and focus areas. Rather than exhaust yourself with popular searches on a search engine, it's in your best interest to see the following experienced therapists who offer individual and family therapy. The different therapists below we feel comfortable referring to as they have various services and offer online therapy in nearby cities in California.

Looking to heal from anxiety, perfectionism, or relationship issues? We’re here to help. 

Our team is passionate about mental well being and take a collaborative approach in helping a person manage life challenges and a variety of mental health conditions in San Diego CA. Living with a chronic illness, substance abuse, or bipolar disorder are a severe conditions affecting many today. Managing intense emotions like panic attacks and trauma alone or without medication is not recommended. If you or a loved one is struggling to manage symptoms of a mood disorders we offer compassionate care and a complimentary consultation to determine if we may be a good fit.